After School Programs

Morris-Jumel Mansion offers a number of afterschool programs for primary and secondary school students. Tours are available to independent afterschool groups, camps, Boy & Girl Scouts. Please call the Director of Education for fees and scheduling at 212-923-8008.

A Country House in Manhattan (1.5 hours)
Students are guided by an educator on an interactive exploration of the Mansion’s exterior, 11 period rooms and hands-on Colonial Kitchen. This class can be tailored to any grade level and area of study such as: family and community life in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, George Washington and the Revolutionary War, or architecture with activities to complement the lesson.
Recommended for grades K and up.
Cost: $3.00 per student.

The Mansion in the Revolutionary War (1.5 hours)
Students first tour the Mansion and then learn the chronology and details of George Washington’s stay during the 1776 Battle of Harlem Heights. Students examine primary and secondary sources in small groups searching for evidence to support their opinion on the relative importance of the Battle during the Revolutionary War.
Recommended for grades 4 and up.
Cost: $3.00 per student.

The Morris-Jumel Mansion Time Machine (1.5 – 2 hrs)
Students will explore the concept of cause and effect in relation to the major events that changed the course of New York history. There will be a discussion of the term culture and a focus on the similarities and differences between various groups that have settled in New York City. The tour will conclude with a creative writing activity. Recommended for grades 4 and up. Cost: $3.00 per student.

I am an Archaeologist (1.5 hrs)
How do archaeologists work? What kinds of artifacts do they collect? How do they interpret them? Students make observations about artifacts throughout the Mansion. They then use critical thinking and communication skills as they work in teams to interpret artifacts in a reconstructed test pit excavation. Recommended for grades 3 and up. $3.00 per student

Garden with History (1 hour)
This tour offered April through August will focus on the Mansion’s sunken garden. Students will learn why a 18th century home would need a garden. The tour will conclude with a hands-on activity that takes place in the garden. Recommended for grades K and up. $3.00 per student

Mansion Mysteries (1 hour)
This program is designed to reinforce observation skills of students by having them look closely at the exterior and period rooms of the Mansion. Students complete an interactive scavenger hunt to complement classroom study. Recommended for grades 4 and up.
$3.00 per student

Art/Craft Modules

Educators can enhance their students’ experience at Morris-Jumel Mansion by adding hands-on learning modules to each tour. For an additional $1-$2 per student, the lesson can include Colonial hat making, quill pen writing, stenciling or other art projects that would coordinate with the curriculum.