There's always something new at Manhattan's oldest house

First Floor Hall, 1825

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The wallpaper you see in the hallway was selected specifically from a primary source recently discovered in the museum’s archives. In a letter from Eliza Jumel to her husband Stephen Jumel dating from 1825, she writes of her desire to have a paper with gray stone and columns. The paper with stone work, columns and tromp l’oiel putti on the frieze is a reproduction documented to ca. 1825 and like what was covering the walls in the late 1820’s was intended to make guests feel they had stepped into an ancient Greek or Roman temple as was keeping with the fashion of the period. For all the wallpaper selections, the museum is working closely with Catherine Busemi of Belfry Historic Consultants to ensure the materials selected match either the samples in the museum’s collection or date to the appropriate period. The installation of all the papers, and all the decorative painting, including faux marbleizing reflective of the 1820’s within the hallway was done by Mike McMath of Faux Play Painting.