The Morris-Jumel Mansion and grounds can be rented for many different types of events. Check out our standard event package information below


Everlasting beauty
Built in 1765 by British Colonel Roger Morris as a wedding present for his wife Mary Philipse Morris, the Morris-Jumel Mansion embodies elegance and love in one beautiful structure. Celebrate your nuptials in the country’s first Octagonal Room, our grand portico entrance, or in our manicured garden.  Your ceremony will be all the more memorable when you hold it at Manhattan’s oldest house. We can accommodate weddings of up to 150 guests.

Weddings have been held here for centuries!
Our longest resident Eliza Jumel was married to Vice President Aaron Burr in our front parlor in 1833.    We have a list of preferred caterers  and rental companies but can easily work with your chosen providers.

Convenient and accessible
Morris Jumel Mansion is easy to reach. Located in Washington Heights, it is only 20 minutes from midtown, and there are many nearby eateries, bed & breakfasts, and hotels.

To schedule your visit, contact Director of Visitor Services, Chris Davalos at: visitorservices@morrisjumel.org

Film and Photo Shoots 

All applications for special use are subject to availability and must be approved by the Executive Director of the Morris-Jumel Mansion. The museum does not guarantee that its facilities are appropriate for the purposes for which they are permitted to be rented, and potential renters are advised to inspect the facilities for suitability before submitting an application.

Renting the museum differs from renting a regular space. Morris-Jumel Mansion is a fragile structure and the museum collection is of historical and cultural significance. Renting this museum requires special considerations, which are outlined in this agreement. It is the responsibility of museum representatives to protect the public interest of the museum; they have the authority to stop a rental at any time in order to protect the museum.

A schedule of the film shoot must be provided at least a day in advance. Filming must not conflict with the operation of the museum. Therefore, filming must work around events that were already scheduled. This includes, but is not limited to, school groups, private tours, and exhibit installations. If set up/ wrap up must take place before 10:00 am and after 4:00 pm, compensation for extra staff time will be added to the rental fee.

The colonial kitchen located in the basement is the only room where beverages and food can be consumed. One cannot walk around the museum with liquid or edible items. This can cause bacteria, mold, and creatures to harm the period rooms. Holding for actors as well as make up is to be set up in the octagon room and wardrobe will be held in the gift shop. Since this is a museum, crews must provide adequate floor covering (using painter’s tape and butcher paper) and furniture covering to protect the historical pieces and house. Nothing must be placed on any of the items other than the protective cover (quilted cotton covering) prior to filming. Nothing can be hung from wooden beams and all equipment must have buffers as to not scratch the walls or floors.

When filming in the period rooms, a staff member must be present at all times. A checklist of all items in the rooms will be provided during the walk through which at this time, items that can/ cannot be moved will be known. Only staff members are allowed to move furniture, open/ close windows and shutters, and handle artifacts. All remaining museum property may not be moved, used, or touched, except by museum personnel or by special arrangement. Maximum of two shoots can go on simultaneously.

This historic home cannot handle high voltage equipment. Generators must be provided for all electrical equipment. Failure to comply will result in termination of filming. The renter is liable for any damage associated with the event including both interior and exterior filming.

Smoking is not permitted in the building or in the park.

Call for information.  Location fees vary, depending on the complexity of your shoot(s), crew size, and other factors. Discounts are available for non-profit productions, students, and projects related to the Museum’s historical mission. 

Decoration of the museum is not allowed except under direct supervision of the staff. Decorations which may damage any part of the historical structure (including the use of nails, screws, staples, or tape on any floor, wall, window, window sill, door, or ceiling) are prohibited.

Flowers may be brought into the museum but are not allowed on any museum furnishings or collections. Free-standing floral arrangements are allowed, but placement may not conflict with any fire code regulations.

Fires in the fireplace, burning candles, and any other open fires are not permitted.

Museum furniture and collections may not be used and should be moved only by museum personnel.

Nothing can block the doors because this will interfere with fire codes.

The crew will arrange to clean up the facilities after the shoot. All facilities must be left clean and orderly.

All refuse will be placed in heavy-gauge plastic bags and deposited in the green refuse cans at the gate. The crew will arrange for pick up by NYC sanitation.

The renter is financially responsible for any damage or loss of Morris-Jumel Mansion property and for any personal injury occurring as a result of or due to the film shoot.

A certificate of insurance, showing personal liability coverage with a single limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily and property damage resulting from or during the event, must be on file with the museum 15 days before the event.

Please contact our Director of Visitor Services, Chris Davalos at: visitorservices@morrisjumel.org for assistance.